Collaboration = Innovation Leadership

The collaboration pillar of the community centric strategy model is based on the process of evolving the innovative vision. It has its value in the "segmented networking" factor. By enabling the individual to inspire systematic thinking, continous experience sharing and discussing content in the right context, collaboration will keep the community up to speed through the elaboration and evolution of knowledge segmentation. Individuals will proof their expertise, will seperate from each other, become experts in their field but still have the same aim: To inseminate the output of the community.

Communities are made of people. The bigger the community gets, the more challenging it becomes to understand a community as groups of smaller communities. Each community has an "inner circle of an inner circle" of a topic the community is engaged in. Rather than try to manage the entire community, the challenge is to understand communities as a groups of tiny learning hubs. Often the Web delivers knowledge pieces but we need to get the professionals to leverage the big picture of the common goal.

Perception Gap
Companies may ask themselves "Who wants to participate...?", "Do we have to...?" or "Why do we have to...?" collaborate. And these questions come from a ROI-driven company thinking which gets pushed by KPI's to succeed in improving the company's innovation leadership position. The motivation for collaboration from a consumers point of view is to satisfy needs and requirements. Often they ask themselves: "When are they asking me...?" or "Why are they asking the experts and not the consumers...?". Their passion, inspiration and innovative energy gets stimulated if it goes hand-in-hand with reputation building. While companies would like to get input for free, consumers collaborate on an incentivized basis.

Collaboration in competitive times? The dynamics of any collaboration process can be far more effective at creating and producing innovations than thinking about how to get competitors out of markets. If two organizations or brands compete or collaborate depends upon some bright heads architect the right mentality for collaboration. Community culture frees new thoughts, fresh ideas and enables diversity which will grow the involvement from individual to community center.

Innovation leadership fosters through collaboration with different strategic partner: employees, customers and strategic partners.



The Community Centric Strategy was invented and developed by Martin Meyer-Gossner. Martin is a digital web business strategist, management trainer and speaker based in Munich. He is founder of The Strategy Web™. He was also co-founder of, one of the first leading B2B IT business decision maker communities which was sold in 2006 to CBS Interactive (formerly known as CNET Networks).

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