Commitment = Differentiation

In a world where two thirds of brands don't show any massive differentiation in terms of brand identity for the individual, the committed community center members are the best group of people to find out how companies can step ahead of competition.

Every commitment thrives for improvement and proficiency. If an individual touches base with a community, it shows the lowest level of commitment. Often companies and organizations forget about the value and power that goes out from every single member that unites with the community.

This power needs to be invited to act entrepreneurial, in an emotional intelligent way. It needs to be able to engage in a visioneer way, be creative, and find respect in joining, enjoying and participating in community centers. Commitment will follow and enable empowerment and enlightment.

Perception Gap
Companies predominantly understand commitment in a passive way. This can be seen internally when people don't support the efforts of others when those are out of the office. Their activity scale can be decsribed as a "MUST-DO" without the appropriate sincere appreciation. And although the need for sustainability and long-term commitment sounds obvious to them in engaging with their community centers, they tend to ignore it. On the other hand, consumers are actively screening brand messages coming to them in the format of the 3R's: ratings, reviews and recommendations whether through social networks, blogs, short messages or any other input on the Social Web. They WANT to engage and be committed. However, their activity period increases when they are in the process of a purchase decision. This is when companies need to proof their commitment to them.

In a sales world individuals tend to "forget" their brand loyalty. Loyalty -as the highest form of commitment- is often just based on habits or costs benefits. Community centers are offering identification with brands by categorizing values like empathy, enthusiasm and engagement.

Commitment gets empowered by a common understanding of differentiation!



The Community Centric Strategy was invented and developed by Martin Meyer-Gossner. Martin is a digital web business strategist, management trainer and speaker based in Munich. He is founder of The Strategy Web™. He was also co-founder of, one of the first leading B2B IT business decision maker communities which was sold in 2006 to CBS Interactive (formerly known as CNET Networks).

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