Competition = Market Positioning

A competitive analysis of market conditions will benchmark the culture of companies and prioritize the next steps in which the communication process with consumers needs to be established. It is the basis to forecast the market value and wealth of community centers on the basis of market specific internal and external peoples' engagement.

Standing out from the crowd of competitors has always been a challenge. Companies and brands which want to stay ahead of time must be able to listen, to learn and to engage with their consumer base via community centers. They identify their core competence through the knowledge, affinity, loyalty and enthusiasm of their segmented groups of interest.

Perception Gap
Companies base their competitive analysis on an internal view with rational features like markets, market research, products, facts and (sales) figures. Consumers tip and turn on emotional values: present mood and atmosphere in situations, gender differences, brand aspects, brand experience, peer group dynamics. being/becoming part of a community.

Analysing business value, product specifications, interest dynamics and value touchpoints is nowhere better than in engaging with the audience of the community that feeds it. However, companies need to understand and respect the culture in which consumers see competitive aspects.

Brand loyalty is funded on a common market positioning!



The Community Centric Strategy was invented and developed by Martin Meyer-Gossner. Martin is a digital web business strategist, management trainer and speaker based in Munich. He is founder of The Strategy Web™. He was also co-founder of, one of the first leading B2B IT business decision maker communities which was sold in 2006 to CBS Interactive (formerly known as CNET Networks).

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