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In the future companies and brands will need to work with their community centers like media houses or publishers in the past. Content strategy is one of the emerging fields which has been growing alongside the Social Web. It aims at knowledge leadership by understanding knowledge as an agnostic approach reaching out to find the truth through the engaging input and exchange in conversation.

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Content encompasses all elements of practice that belong to analysis, creation, selection, evaluation, collection, segmentation, packaging, organizing, distribution and design of any forms of content in written word or audio and/or visual. Content management is an emerging field of practise that governs content production while obeying the rules of SEM/SEO.

Perception Gap
Companies act more passive than active in content production and feedback in terms of conversation as of resources. When engaging with their audience they penetrate them with promotions and messages. Their quite aggressive way aims to transfer them into their will of thinking. Their message is "Listen to me!" "Leve me alone!" is usually the aswer of consumers. They act according to the 90-9-1 rule. Whenever there is something to say, more than one in ten will do so in the future. If not, they might save 99% of their time listening, or being stimulated, educated or entertained with valueable information.

The content pillar is led by the content manager whose challenge it is to find the highest possible forms of personalization by distributing individual-oriented, targeted content (in B2B more essential than in B2C) that leverages the potential of the community. This needs a helping hand: the community center members.

Content mechanics are affected by an active and passive content strategy. Active means content that is placed to spread the experience of the organization through owned media (company broschures, newsletters, homepage, blogs, etc.) or bought media (advertising, banners, search ads, paid reviews, etc.). In the passive content mode companies react and discuss content on other platforms through Earned Media (offline in face-to-face events or on the web on other platforms, websites or communities).

The lively exchange of content catalyzes knowledge leadership in markets.



The Community Centric Strategy was invented and developed by Martin Meyer-Gossner. Martin is a digital web business strategist, management trainer and speaker based in Munich. He is founder of The Strategy Web™. He was also co-founder of, one of the first leading B2B IT business decision maker communities which was sold in 2006 to CBS Interactive (formerly known as CNET Networks).

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