Context = Opinion Leadership

The context pillar of the Community Centric Strategy model has its value in the nature, description and definition of the social identity that leads the community sentiment with all its variables like age, gender, interest, or relevant features. It makes up a community spirit through language, content and conversational in- and output: the spirit for motivation.

The context pillar of the Community Centric Strategy model

The context strategy is depending on the substance of situations, the people interacting, and the atmosphere of communication. While some managers of companies and organizations might see the role of context management in community threading, the Community Centric Strategy sees it more in understanding the deeper relevance and motivation of conversation as a means to a common learning process.

The context strategy is led by the community manager who works closely with the content manager as another key personnel in the community centric strategy model. This person is in permanent exchange with the group heads and department leaders and knows how to manage next generation selective and segmented networking. It aims at aligning business or organizational targets with community interest.

Perception Gap
In their initiative approach to create community centers, companies would love to develop common goals and guidelines which are led by the spirit and embodiment of community managers. They should be the leading voice of the company, also leading the community center by addressing its members with active messages. However, consumers oftenunderstand themselves as brandvangelists (brand advocates). By using the 3 R's (ratings, reviews, recommendations) of social sales influence, they see themselves as the heart of the community centers - often not willing to accept guidance from company or brand delegates. They want to speak with the delegates at eye level.

Context as a value proposition of the community center is visionary and acts as the brain of a mission statement towards evolutionary steps. If mutation and variation have space and rules in which they can be aggregated towards a common goals, the community center members will state their opinion as a means to increase the speed of context adaption and finally upgrade the dynamics of learning inspiration and involvement.

Internal and external brandvangelists support opinion leadership!



The Community Centric Strategy was invented and developed by Martin Meyer-Gossner. Martin is a digital web business strategist, management trainer and speaker based in Munich. He is founder of The Strategy Web™. He was also co-founder of, one of the first leading B2B IT business decision maker communities which was sold in 2006 to CBS Interactive (formerly known as CNET Networks).

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